Work and Study Abroad

Make the most of your summer and team up a language course abroad with one of our work placements. The best place to learn a language is in the country where it is spoken, so why not go one step further and not study abroad, but also put your skills into practise in a real working environment!

In the mornings you will be immersed in the language whilst you study at our language school with native speaking staff, and a group of enthusiastic linguists from around the world that are eager to learn. You can then spend the afternoons either taking part in social and cultural activities or at your designated work placement, dependent on the duration and type of package you chose.

Montpellier » from £730
Rouen » from £925
Nice » from £780
Paris » from £1150

If you’re looking to learn French in France we have a fantastic selection of language schools. We visit all of our French language schools to make sure that you receive the highest standard of teaching, facilities and accommodation available in your chosen location. During lessons all students are encouraged to speak French from the very first day using it in typical real-life situations and special exercises such as role-play, situational dialogues, project work and the use of audio-visual facilities.

You can choose from the cosmopolitan capital, a cultural destination or chic resort with beautiful beaches.

What’s Included:

Transport Transport (optional)

We can arrange flights & transfers to your destination if needed.

Accommodation Accommodation (optional)

We can arrange for you to stay in residence with the school, stay with a host family or in a hotel.

Language School Classes Language School Classes

Learn at some of the best language schools in Europe in a supportive environment.

Activities Activities (optional)

In your down time we can arrange activities to really experience the culture of the city.

Certificates Certificates

Every student will receive a certificate during a graduation ceremony.

Roberta Anderson

I liked that the tutors taught me completely in French; new vocab was explained/ described in french, as was all the grammar.

Sarah Jeffery

Very helpful! It helped my grammar and fluency. I enjoyed meeting new people. Going on my own made me feel more confident and independent.

Julia Maskell

I had a great time in my host family, she was very welcoming and always ready to help me with anything, provided that I could ask in french!